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"South Australian wines made with French savoir-faire"


Jacques Audras

Winemaking has been in the Audras Family since 1835 with origins in the French winemaking region of the Beaujolais, located in the south of Burgundy. In this region, on the Clos-de-Haute Combe family estate, the Audras Family has been crafting complex, fruit-driven wines for generations.

Jacques Audras grew up on the estate and was an official winemaker for over 20 years before migrating to South Australia in 2004.


In 2016, Jacques reignited his passion for winemaking bringing his french winemaking savoir-faire to the South Australian context, using quality McLaren Vale fruit. All of Jacques’ wines rely upon minimal use of oak and as natural of a process as possible.

Jacques' winemaking prowess was recognised in 2022 when his 2019 Syrah was awarded a silver medal at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show.

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Julian Audras - Commercial and Sales

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